Be Audience-Centric

One of Steve’s greatest talent was something so subtle that most people don’t even notice it. He made his talks audience-centric.

It was never about him, it was about them, the audience.

Image: Official GDC (Flickr)


In every presentation he always answered the one question that every audience wanted answered:

What’s in it for me?


Every audience wants to know that you’re not going to waste their time, that you’re going to give them something useful, that what you give them is going to make their lives better. And this is exactly what Steve Jobs did.


This is what all of us need to do when we stand up and speak, we need to answer that one question.


Steve Jobs did it by using a very simple structure in his presentations; he answered three questions:


  1. Why should you listen to him?
  2. Why you should be excited by the new product?
  3. Why this product is the best thing that Apple have ever created?



  1. Practice Until You’re a Natural
  2. Be Audience-Centric
  3. Why Should They Listen To You?
  4. Why Should the Audience be Excited by Your Idea or Product?
  5. Why This Is The Best Thing That You’ve Ever Done
  6. Use a Tagline
  7. Show Your Passion
  8. Use Theatre and Magic to Captivate Your Audience
  9. Use Great Visuals
  10. What Would Steve Do? (Coming Soon)