Make It Memorable: Use a Tagline

image: James Mitchell (Flickr)


Whenever Steve Jobs talked about a product he had a tagline:


For the iMac Air, it was “the thinnest laptop ever”

For the iPod, it was “your entire music collection in your pocket”

And for the iPhone it was “reinventing the phone”


And each time it summed up the core of his presentation in one sentence.

By creating a tagline, he made it easier for people to remember his product.


Think about your last presentation. Can you sum it up in one sentence?



  1. Practice Until You’re a Natural
  2. Be Audience-Centric
  3. Why Should They Listen To You?
  4. Why Should the Audience be Excited by Your Idea or Product?
  5. Why This Is The Best Thing That You’ve Ever Done
  6. Use a Tagline
  7. Show Your Passion
  8. Use Theatre and Magic to Captivate Your Audience 
  9. Use Great Visuals
  10. What Would Steve Do? (Coming Soon)