Presentation Q&A: How Can I Stop People Tweeting During My Presentations?

Image: Maryland GovPics (Flickr)

It’s easy.

Be interesting. Be so interesting that people forget that Twitter even exists.

Great speakers do it every time they speak. And the secret? Connection. They build a connection with the audience, they don’t talk about themselves, they focus on the audience, they translate their topic into the needs, hopes and desires of the audience, they speak directly into the hearts and minds of the audience and by doing that they captivate and enthrall the audience.

The next time you prepare a presentation, think about who you will be speaking to, what their hopes and concerns are, what their interests are and what experiences that you have in common and use this to craft a presentation that will interest them, use stories instead of statistics, give benefits instead of details and you’ll make them lean forward and want to know more….