Selling Your Ideas

Why is a book about selling good for presenters?

Because as presenters we don’t want to just stand up and talk, we want our audiences to buy into the ideas that we present to them. We want them to be inspired, motivated, educated or entertained.

To this well we need to be sellers of dreams, possibilities and better futures.

Which is where Idea Selling comes in, it is the ideal handbook for the Presenter/Salesman.

There is no waffle in this book. Like the “One Idea per Slide” philosophy that we use when designing presentations, the author gives us “one idea per page”, delivering his ideas in palatable bite-sized chunks. Each page will teach you something vital that will aid you in selling and presenting your ideas.

As well as the standard tips like focusing on benefits and not on features, he introduces some interesting ideas about adding psychology to the presenting process, to be aware of not just what jobs your clients do but who the decision maker in the room is, at what stage of the decision making process your client is at and how to present your ideas for different personality types.

Language is another area that he devotes time to, he discusses phrases that will annoy listeners, phrases and questions that will make them say NO and phrases and styles of language that will help them say YES to your ideas.

If you want your audience to buy into your ideas then this book will most definitely help.

Book title: Idea Selling – Sam Harrison