Pecha Kucha – A New Style Of Presentation

Are you ready for a new challenge?

The Pecha-Kucha style of presentation will add that extra bit of excitement to your speaking time while at the same time adding style  and sophistication to your presentations…

What more could you want?

It’s a very simple concept.  The idea is that you use a presentation tool like Powerpoint or Keynote and instead of giving pages and pages of text-heavy slides you show 20 images. Each image is shown for 20 seconds and then it moves onto the next image.

20 slides, 20 seconds each, your whole presentation will finish at 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Using this style effectively will mean that your audience will find it easier to grasp difficult concepts, and they are more likely to remember your message.

But don’t let the simplicity of the presentation style fool you, this is a challenging exercise:

What 20 images will you choose to get your message and ideas across effectively?

Can you write a speech which will have one concept/idea/explanation per slide, i.e. one per 20 seconds?

This is a Goldilocks exercise, what you say during each slide should be not too long, not too short, it has to be just right.

To see this in action then go see your local Pecha Kucha night (see or give it a try with your next presentation!

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