Enter the Dragon: The Perfect Pitch

There is always a danger when buying a book associated with a television program that you enjoy. The risk is that the publishers will use the good name of the programme to churn out any old rubbish.

Thankfully, this is not the case as in The Perfect Pitch we have actually been given a book that matches the quality of the series.

It’s filled with practical information (and a lot of it) on how to put together a good sales pitch but its lessons can be used for not just sales pitches but for any presentation that you will give.

What gives the book its strength is that it is filled with real life examples from the television series, there are examples to back every one of the lessons it delivers and as well as that it has a collection of case studies to give you extra information about both successful and unsuccessful pitches.

Worth reading for anyone watching to know more about giving presentations or pitches.

Book Title: “Dragons’ Den: “The Perfect Pitch: How to win over an audience” – Peter Spalton”