Presentation Tip: Avoid Font Compatibility Issues, Use Images

image: Kris Krüg, PopTech

When giving a presentation at a conference, it’s common practice that you will give your slide presentation using one of the conference’s computers and this can be a problem when it comes to the fonts that you use in your slides. As the gorgeous fonts that you selected, the insightful fonts that give your words the perfect level of gravitas are not on the conference computer. Your slides will be displayed in ordinary Arial…

Naturally this type of discovery could cause some “emotional moments” but they can be averted. One obvious solution is to build your slides using standard fonts but an artist like yourself wouldn’t be satisfied with such a pedestrian solution.

Instead, when you’re finished your slides and they are as perfect as perfection can be, you can use the “Export Feature”. This feature allows you to save each slide as a separate JPEG file.

Now your fonts are “locked in” and safe. This gives you a lot more flexibility in how you display them. You can show the slides as a simple photo slideshow or alternatively create a new powerpoint with each image as a slide.

Don’t let standard fonts hold you back, use new and interesting fonts but don’t forget to export!