A Bright Colourful Book to Spark Your Creativity

Did you used to be more creative?

Do you feel like you are a creative person but you have trouble finding that creative spark?

This book might help.

The author doesn’t make any assumptions about what will help stimulate your creativity, he doesn’t give you one surefire way to be creative because as well we all know there is no one way, we all get excited by different experiences and stimuli.

Instead what he does is give you a range of options to help you find your own particular formula for being creative and it is this range of options that makes this book so strong, you can flip open a page, read it and give the suggestion a try. Not every suggestion will work for you but there are enough there for you discover the ones that will.

For me there were definitely some ideas that were weird but there were others that made sense, I think that there’s probably something for everyone who wants to be that little bit more creative.

Book Title: “Creativity Now: Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen now!” – Jurgen Wolff
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