20 Phrases To Avoid In Your Next Investment Pitch

image: Mike Schinkel (Flickr)

I’ve sat through hundreds of investment pitches and so many of them are filled with tired, over-used cliches and buzzwords. I know that the pitchers use those terms to try and connect with their listerners, to sound professional but really it sounds fake. For instance Whenever I hear someone say that they will “disrupt” the market, I lose interest in them because they’re not saying anything new or attention-grabbing.

To really grab the attention of investors you need to stop sounding like everyone else. The first step to standing out and being memorable is to drop the buzzwords, here the top 20 offenders:

Disruptive Paradigm State of the Art
Groundbreaking Engagement Cutting Edge
Game-changing Traction User Friendly
Revolutionary Empowering Killer App
Next-generation Feature-rich Proactive
Synergy Market-Leading Outside the Box
Secret Sauce Innovative