The Geekspeak Manifesto: All Techies to Speak Better Than Steve Jobs

Let’s work together to banish the image that geeks cannot communicate!

We work on some of the most exciting technologies, we design tools to make peoples lives easier, we create machines and applications that will change the world.

It’s time we spoke up, spoke out, it’s time to speak! Because no-one can talk about our revolutionary products like a we can, no-one but us can explain to the world how exciting and life-changing they are. This is your technology, own it and show it to the world!

The geek shall inherit the Earth, all we have to do now is tell the world why we deserve it.

This blog is your training ground, here you will fill all the tools you need to take those first steps out into the limelight, tips to make you better and outstanding speakers to inspire you to stride onto the stage to tell the story of your technology.

Your time is now, SPEAK!