Return of the Zen: The Zen Strikes Back

It’s a commonly accepted fact that 99% of the time the sequel is never as good as the original and since I was unimpressed by “Presentation Zen“, there was no good reason for me to read the sequel – “Presentation Zen Design”

Yet when I browsed it in the bookshop, it seemed to be better, and I thought I’d give seemingly over-hyped “Zen” series a second chance.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

Gone was the waffle and philosophy that plagued the previous book, replaced instead by practical and very useful advice on designing slides. With plenty of visual examples the author covers a wide range of slide design topics from the standard design elements of space, colour and the use of images to using video in presentations and also the often neglected area of how to use fonts effectively.

If you want to learn about how to design slides so that they can get clear and understandable ideas across to your listeners (and viewers) then this is a book you should read.