Presentation Q&A: Using Other People’s Slides

Question: What if you’re using other people’s slides for one section of your presentation, how do you make them look as if they’re part of your presentation and not have the change too obvious and distracting?

Image: frontiersofinteraction (Flickr)

Answer: It is still common for business presentations to be created in a group manner with the ultimate presenter stuck with a mismash of slide styles and how consistent you can make them look really depends on how much time you have.

Ideally if you have the time you can rework the slides so that they all look and feel the same but if you have limited time then there are some quick changes that you can make:

1. Colours – Make sure that all the slides have the same colour scheme.

2. Fonts – Have all the text in the same font, check that the font sizes used in all slides are consistent.