Giving Great Presentations

This has to be one of the better presentation skills books out there, not because it says anything new or radically different than the rest of the books but because of the way it puts the information together and delivers it to you.

There are a lot of presentation skills and public speaking books out there that are all text, black and white, with little or no pictures, they’re not fun to read…

This book is bright and colourful, filled with illustrations and covers everything you need to bring you from being a mere speaker to becoming a great speaker. Topics range from the foundations of a great presentation to slide design and knowing your audience. It also covers a lot techniques and forms of presentations (tele-conferencing, webcasts, Q&A)

Who is this aimed at? This will be of the most use to someone who either hasn’t read any books on presentations skills or has only read the boring black&white ones but anyone with a strong interest in presenting and presentation skills could learn something new from this book.

Book title: “Giving Great Presentations in Easy Steps” – Drew Provan