GeekFeast: Speaking Sins, Questions and Total Disaster

Today’s articles are all about public-speaking. Learn what not to do, what questions you should ask when preparing a speech and what to do when it all goes wrong…

Public speaking’s great big sin-bin

According to Douglas Krugar “The division between solidly good speeches and utter clunkers is usually just the presence, or absence, of some surprisingly basic mistakes.”

Learn what not to do.

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five questions to ask

image: Ian Hughes

Michael Lyatt outlines what he has learnt from Andy Stanley about communication.

He outlines the five questions that we must always ask when we sit down to write a speech or presentation for an audience.

Each question is simple and practical and will seem so obvious that if you’re not already asking these questions then you will instantly start asking them the next time you sit down to write your next presentation.

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The Presentation Isn’t Over Until It’s Over

image: Sergio Calleja

How do you cope when the slides don’t work? What do you do if your laptop stops working completely? Do you panic? Waste valuable time trying to find an aternative? Or do you do something completely different?

Phil Factor tried something different.

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