GeekFeast: Great Articles About Presenting

Every week hundreds of people write about all manner of aspects of presentations and public speaking. Here’s a few articles that caught my eye:

Ten Ways to Speak like a President

Some of the greatest speeches ever recorded were given by leaders – kings, generals, presidents, civil rights activists.

What gave them their power was their ability to speak, to inspire and excite their followers.

If you want to be a leader then you too need to learn to speak like a leader

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We Have Met The Enemy and His Name is Powerpoint

Powerpoint is the main visual communication tool used by the US Army yet many senior Army members have serious doubts about its effectiveness, one General even banned Powerpoint Presenatations and another believes that “Powerpoint makes us stupid”

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10 Tips to Improve Your Visual Communication Skills

Our hands are one of our most powerful mediums for communication while presenting yet we don’t always know how to use them to get our message across effectively.

This article covers some well known elements of body language but also adds a few new thoughts about how your gestures can indicate different ideas and emotions to the audience.

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